First Indemnity Accountant Insurance Program

Professional Liability Insurance for Accountants

First Indemnity is excited to now serve our nation’s accounting professionals.

Our program for accounting professionals serves CPAs, tax preparers, bookkeepers and other types of accountants. Leveraging 30 years’ experience insuring the legal profession, we customize our program to meet the unique needs of accounting professionals. From tailored risk management strategies to competitively priced products, the program’s coverages are optimized to offer the most up to date coverages including:

• Trial Attendance Reimbursement
• Disciplinary Proceedings Coverage
• Cyber Breach Liability Coverage
• Diminishing deductible Options
• Embezzlement Coverage
• Extended Reporting Period Options

Over 500k in Revenue:

Under 500k in Revenue:


First Indemnity’s Accountants Insurance Program features comprehensive specialty insurance coverage that is highly competitive:

  • Industry expertise

    30 years’ experience customizing legal liability solutions

  • Specialized Coverage

    designed for accounting firms of all sizes

  • Fast-track program

    for accounting firms under $500,000 in revenue

  • Competitive pricing

  • Financial Stability

    backed by “A” or better rated insurance companies

  • Multiple Carrier Partners

    Multiple insurance carrier partners mean we choose the best solution for your needs

  • 48-to-72-hour turnaround time

  • 24-hour claim reporting automatically declined

  • National program

    available in all states with regional offices across the country

Over 500k in Revenue:

Under 500k in Revenue:

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